As a large property owner, Pandox has a responsibility to work on its own behalf and in cooperation with tenants to promote sustainable development and to reduce climate impact. 

Pandox strives to minimise our environmental footprint by using natural resources such as energy, water and materials in a responsible and sustainable manner. We do this by mapping the environmental impact of our property investments and by continuously implementing efficiency and improvement projects throughout our operations and in each individual property.

Environmental policy

During 2016, we have formulated an environmental policy which describes what expectations we have on our employees and partners. The work to formulate a common vision is ongoing including, among other items, the online Code of Conduct training that was launched in December 2016.

Energy audit and certifications

During the financial year, an energy audit covering our Swedish and Danish properties in Operator Activities has been conducted with the goal to identify tangible improvement and energy savings. In addition, we have investigated the possibility to include and engage our hotel guests in our aim to reduce the environmental impact.

Positive environmental footprint in cooperation with strong operators

Pandox is inspired by the excellent sustainablity work that many of our tenants have run for many years and of which we have been part. Pandox’s and the Scandic Hotel Group’s joint investment project is a good example of a close cooperation which has contributed to a reduced footprint. During 2011–2015, we collaborated in the refurbished and upgrade of 40 Scandic-operated hotels spending a total of 1,600 MSEK, of which Pandox’s share amounted to approximately 1,000 MSEK. As part of the project, materials and technical solutions with low environmental impact were chosen, for example, water saving WCs and taps, self-adjusting ventilation systems with heat recovery, key card activated lightning, floor heating with timers. In addition, the project included new windows and a switch to LED-lights in most hotel properties. During 2016, Pandox and Scandic signed an agreement to extend the leases for an additional 19 properties in the Nordics which will follow the same established cooperation model. The new investment programme will run 2017–2020 with a total budget of 470 MSEK of which Pandox shoulders roughly half. The project is expected to reduce the environmental impact. At the end of 2016, all Pandox owned, Scandic operated hotels in the Nordics carried the Nordic Swan Eco-label.

We measure and monitor

In Belgium Pandox has two information systems for the hotels that are part of the Operator Activities segment. One system measures water and energy consumption with the aim of improving efficiency. The other system measures daily consumption and immediately registers any change in resource usage. This makes it possible to quickly identify possible water leaks, limit the damage quickly and thereby minimise the cost of any clean-up or renovation necessary following a leak. These systems together help to limit the operational risks at the same time as they enable greater efficiency in the use of resources in line with Pandox’s goals.