Pandox Capital Market Day 24 May, 2016 in Brussels

May 24, 2016, Pandox arranged a capital market day in Brussels (Belgium) focused on strategic hotel development in Operator Activities. During the day Pandox provided insights into different aspects of hotel development and the hotel market. 

CMD programme 24 May, 2016

All times are approximate (CEST)


09.40    Transportation by bus from Brussels Airport to Holiday Inn Brussels Airport

10.00     Holiday Inn Brussels Airport

Pandox Operator Activities key facts and hotel walk-around

11.50      Hilton Brussels City and Crown Plaza – Le Palace

Hotel market update including revenue management center and hotel walk-around


13.45      Hotel Bloom!

Hotel development, hotel productivity and hotel walk-around

15.30      The Hotel, Brussels

Hotel walk-around and check-in for those staying the night

17.00      The Hotel, Brussels                                                   

The business case The Hotel Brussels, financial and strategy update, and summary of CMD


18.30      The Hotel, Brussels

“After work dinner”